852 & 855 Dual Mono Fully Balanced Power Amplifiers

Development of the 852 and 855 power amplifiers is based on a radically new analogue power amplifier concept. We've developed a highly sophisticated circuit design that swings bias to the appropriate level only when required for power output. As a result he amplifier runs cool at idle and only slightly warm under load. The 852 abd 855 offer big power and world class performance in a small package.

The voltage-gain stage has been designed as an ultralinear, fully balanced cascode stage with current feedback loops. The end-to-end dual mono design consisting of two fully separate power amplifiers guarantees superb channel separation and is partly responsible for the amplifier's soundstage depth. The innovative topology of the output stages sets standards in terms of current delivery and electromagnetic interference control. Signal paths are as short as possible to minimize susceptibility to interference.

These engineering developments have really paid off in performance. The absolute power and control of the 852 and 855 monoblocks is enhanced by their precision and musical finesse and by a degree of effortlessness and agility that is unusual for solid state power.

Tech Specs