Tom Evans Audio Design -
Linear A stereo amplifier and Linear B monoblock amplifiers

The Tom Evans Linear A and Linear B amplifiers are truly revolutionary, groundbreaking designs with ultrawide bandwidth and vanishingly low distortion. Paired with appropriate speakers, these amps can do it all; luscious midrange combined with rarely realized frequency extension. The absence of distortion has to be heard (or not) to be fully appreciated. The clarity and detail retrieval are astonishing, but not at the expense of musicality. It's a combination of qualities  never heard  in any other amplifiers - at any price.

Linear A
The Linear A is a single ended, Class A, ultralinear stereo amp with a power rating of 25WPC. Four EL84 tubes per side, in parallel, create a composite tube with characteristics almost identical to the legendary Japanese No.10 tube. The amp measures as an almost perfect model triode, promising to deliver the often sought but rarely realized linearity benefits of triode topology without it's usual limitations.

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Linear B
The Linear B is a Push-Pull, fully differential monoblock design with a power rating of 55 wpc. Chassis is the same size as the Linear A with a tube compliment of 8 - EL84s per channel.

Tech Specs: Linear A & B