OASIS Model S-200M Monoblock
Based on the same circuit as the legendary Forsell Statement amplifier of the late 90s, the OASIS Model S-200M monoblock is the unrivalled champ of mid-range purity, pristine highs and awesome control in the low frequencies. As the name suggests, the OASIS Model S-200M is rated at 200 watts of pure Class A power (measures close to 280) and can handle even the most difficult speaker loads down to 2 ohms - stats, ribbons or whatever you've got. One look at the OASIS S-200M and you'll recognize the attention to detail in both design and construction. The OASIS S-200M is finished with a 3/8" pure stainless steel faceplate which emphasizes its recessed analog blue VU meter. The OASIS Model S-200M sports a captured style heatsink fin top and bottom, and includes a large on-off switch on the front panel.

Rear panel offers both balanced and single ended inputs, 2 pairs of speaker binding posts which accept spades or bananas and a convenient standby switch for use when changing out other components. Special high purity copper is used in the OASIS S-200M's massive power supply and is combined with over 220,000 µF of capacitance. Performance and musicality are stunning. During demos our customers insist that we're using tube amplifiers - the OASIS are really that good.

So if you've had enough of the usual suspects in high end amplification, try the OASIS S-200M today. It's the best we've ever heard.

Tech Specs