Wadia PowerDAC- 390 Controller/ 790 towers/270 Transport
The one and only Wadia PowerDAC System complete with 270 trasport - Wadia's Statement engineering masterpiece. Drive your speakers direct without interconnects or preamps, only pure ST optical digital signal conveyance and one pair of speaker cables. Ideal for ultradynamic play, especially with Wilson or other high performance speakers. Awesome techno look and massively built - a real sculptural work of art. PowerDac has 24 bit resolution, Wilson mirrors, Swift Current and ClockLink technologies all pushed to the absolute limit. Processing at 2.8 MHz.

Comes with original hardcover manual, cones, remotes, all ST optical cables, crates and boxes. Some minor dings on side and back of transport

Retail Price: $80,000
DEMO PRICE: $39,500