Zanden Model 5000 DAC
The Zanden Model 5000 is a mesmerizing, world class, all tube DAC that renders the most glorious midrange in all of digital. As one of the only true 16/44 devices in a universe of high-rate digital sampling, the Zanden Model 5000 derives it musical magic from several unique design innovations that allow it to handily best all competitors. The heart of the DAC is the Philips double-crown chip - now 20 years old and no longer in manufacture. But because of the way the Double-Crown handles the digital signal - without upsampling of any kind - it renders an extremely natural sound. There are no brick wall digital filters in the Model 5000.

The analog output stage of the Zanden Model 5000 is extremely robust and precisely tuned for its output tube characteristics. This is an area where most other DAC designs fall short, but Zanden makes an extra special effort in its output circuit to preserve the signal integrity - and the musical magic. A very high precision pair of isolation transformers scrub the signal without altering its content or changing its phase. In the Signature Model, I2S clocklink eliminates all jitter by linking up with the Model 2000 transport (and its high precision clock) through a single cable. The result can only be described as heavenly - more air, more realism even greater spacial information.

High frequency barriers surround the DAC housing and insulate the analog stage from stray fields. A massive 5/8" bronze anodized aluminum base plate offers heft and vibration control. The chassis housing is finished in chrome plated steel Digital Inputs: AES/EBU, BNC and RCA. Analog Outputs: RCA.

Tech Specs