Zanden 2000 CD Transport
The future of digital audio is the Zanden Model 2000 transport. For a lucky few that future is now, and for the first time the full potential of digital audio can finally be realized. There are two key areas where the Zanden 2000 transport outperforms its rivals. It features the most accurate digital clock in consumer audio, making jitter, phase noise and clock errors a thing of the past. This accuracy is achieved by its custom made clock with a frequency output of 8.6 MHz, exactly the same as the Philips drive mechanism. Other transports use a commonly available 10MHz clock and then re-tune it to 8.6 MHz using a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) which introduces phase noise and destabilizes the digital signal. Elimination of the DDS is a design concept exclusive to the Zanden Model 2000. No D/A converter can perform to its full potential without the Zanden 2000 transport.

  • State of the art CD playback.
  • The most accurate crystal oscillator in audio today.
  • Noise absorption materials used throughout.
  • Separate power supply to prevent hum and noise from polluting the audio signal.
  • AES/EBU, BNC, I2S and master clock digital outputs.
  • (25mm & 15mm) brushed aluminum and (15mm) powder finished acrylic in a sandwich construction to reduce vibrations.
  • Stainless steel feet polished to a mirror finish and fitted with an exclusive anti-vibration material.
  • Full-function remote control.
Tech Specs
Specifications subject to change without notice.