Acapella FIDELIO 2
2 Way Monitor Loudspeaker w/Stands

In 1987 Acapella siezed upon the idea of developing a small speaker that would cover the complete musical spectrum from classics to rock, jazz to pop, without loss of quality. In 2002, after 15 years of successful production of the Fidelio as a recognized standard, the time had arrived to create its successor.

In developing a new standard, Acapella naturally tooked into all the latest technologies and materials in loudspeaker design and manufacturing. As a final result, acousticial engineers at Acapella were able to extend the frequency response by almost an octave in the bass and by half an octave in the high frequencies... all while packaging the speakers into an even smaller enclosure. The Fidelio 2 is a mini monitor for music with exact timing and dynamic clarity that astonishes both professional musicians and music lovers alike. Its three-dimensional presentation of a musical soundstage is an important factor in the quest for natural music reproduction in the home environment.

The Acapella Fidelio 2 sports modern styling and because of its small dimensions, easily fits into most listening environments. It's sound is energetic and tightly focused, with extra purity in the midrange and high to feature acoutic backed vocals, ensemble strings and wind instruments. Surprisingly they will also play large orchestrfal works and hold their own against much larger loudspeakers.

Tech Specs