DALI Grand Coupé
The DALI Grand Coupé offers an exceptional blend of power, speed and finesse which stands up well in comparison to loudspeakers well beyond its price range. Its excellence in the areas of transparency, imaging, and dynamic range make it a true value in its class. The sound can generally be characterized as smooth, dynamic and powerful.

The DALI Grand Coupé is a two-way design with a 6ˆ " woofer/midrange driver and the 29 mm silk dome tweeter. Crossing over at 3 kHz, both drivers incorporate the Stray Field Control technology developed for dramatic reduction of distortion. The resulting power handling and dynamic range capabilities make the DALI Grand Coupé sound much larger than its compact dimensions suggest.

Dual binding post pairs are provided for bi-wiring to bring out the fullest potential of the DALI Grand Coupé. The sculpted front baffle minimizes diffraction effects and distortion.

Tech Specs
Specifications subject to change without notice.