Tom Evans Audio Design  - Groove+ phono preamplifier

The Groove phono stage is the result of over 10 years of R&D in vinyl replay. In low level phono applications it is imperative that the voltage regulation supplying the gain circuit is not noisier than the quietest passages recorded, and that its transient response time is at least as fast as the devices in the downstream circuit. There's not much point in improving the audio circuit when the voltage regulation that supplies it is anything less than superb. Now Tom Evans has developed the Lithos voltage regulator, a milestone in power supply voltage regulation, and of course, in musical reproduction. The Lithos is 53 times faster, 1000 times quieter, and 5 orders of magnitude more accurate than the 'best' regulators available. Thus, Lithos voltage regulation, is the foundation for the stellar performance of The Groove phono stage.

The Groove is a true dual mono design. Channel separation is limited only by the specifications of the cartridge used. At the front end, Tom has used very low noise I/Cs (less noise than a 50-Ohm resistor). This stage is followed by a passive RIAA EQ circuit. The third stage is an ultra linear gain amp; around this he has placed the active lower frequency filter to roll off subsonics. Finally, the output stage is capable of driving several meters of interconnect.

The chassis for The Groove is made of Perspex, an acrylic polymer that is tough, offers excellent mechanical isolation properties from microvibration and has no inductive capacity. These characteristics combine to give the Groove its extra quiet performance.
The Groove+ is a Groove with a substantially upgraded power supply including a larger transformer, increased capacitor rating, and an extra layer of Lithos regulation between the standard unit's internal daughter boards and the mains. The four layers of isolation deliver a  noise floor of -180dB. "The power supply makes instruments more solid, but above all, more natural. It brings the music presence," says Roy Gregory of Hi Fi+ magazine.