Messenger Preamp (and optional Phono Stage)
Until now, there hasn't been a preamplifier anywhere that would allow all of the recorded information to pass through it.  Most preamps take what they can handle and reject the rest, leaving a great deal of information behind, or at worst, displacing it to another place in time destroying the texture of the music. Unfortunately, what ordinary preamps reject is the subtle and not so subtle detail, harmonic  structure, ambient information and dynamic impact that gives music life and emotional content.

The Messenger preamplifier extracts more information from the source and transmits it to the amplifier without any loss of subtle harmonic or dynamic  information. Sound impossible? Just listen for yourself.  Bass now has detail, depth and impact. Mids and highs have body without being bright or hard sounding. Instruments are now distinct, and the soundstage is huge with incredible presence... all without a trace of listening fatigue.

Now, the Messenger preamp unleashes the full emotional potential of your music. With a separate chassis for power supply isolation and an all tube preamp stage the Mesenger is built to be quiet and trouble free for years of operation.

For the very first time, hear all of the music! 

Tech Specs