Tom Evans Design - The VIBE preamplifier
Over the past 12 years The VIBE has been in continuous development  (now in its 7th iteration) and its present form performance can only be described as... totally awesome. The VIBE offers lifelike presentation, incredible dynamic range, and extremely low background noise - especially good with high efficiency loudspeakers. The VIBE also employs error correction and psychoacoustic principles to further extend its musical performance. The Vibe redefines what is possible in music reproduction.

Gain Stage
Because the gain stage is fully DC coupled to ensure high bandwidth reproduction, The VIBE includes an added safety feature, a DC detection and isolation circuit. This circuit protects loudspeakers and DC coupled power amps from potential damage should there be any failure of source components. Power up is delayed after 'switch on' for 8 seconds while the DC detection circuit checks the system. It then remains active at all times during operation, and will immediately isolate the outputs if DC is detected. The DC detection circuit only operates below 3Hz; its presence is inaudible.

Output Stage
Intelligent use of feedback in The VIBE is a key feature that greatly improves linearity and bandwidth.The output stage utilizes current feedback technology, superior to voltage feedback, because it offers faster rise and recovery times - measured at less than 10 nanoseconds - a truly astounding feat.

Power Supply
The use of Tom Evans' proprietary Lithos regulation means that performance is enhanced by the amplifier's ability to reject garbage (noise riding in on the AC power line). Since noise is virtually eliminated before it reaches any gain stage,  the result is a tangeable increase in speed and resolution. The optional Pulse power supply takes it one step further. The Pulse consists of two identical boxes, one carrying the transformer while the other provides a large dose of Lithos regulation. These are connected with a short lead, and the output is then joined to the Vibe through the same multi-pin connector used by the stock power supply.  The Pulse power supply is a plug-in substitution for the standard VIBE preamp. No modification to the Vibe is necessary other than disconnecting the stock power supply and replacing it with the Pulse power supply.

Tech Specs